Sutton Valence School

Sutton Valence

Sutton Valence pays attention to the development of each student’s personality, equips each student with a personal tutor and supervises the progress of each student’s learning. The school curriculum is all encompassing and provides students with an educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. It cultivates the enthusiasm of each students and helps realize and exceed the potential of each student.

Through the high expectations and standards we set, all our young people are encouraged and helped to go further than they had thought possible in their academic, co-curricular, community and leadership journeys. We want them to become confident, civilised, tolerant and open-minded individuals who possess a love of learning and a strong sense of self-discipline along with a set of values reflecting our principles as a Christian Foundation.

Each student will have taken a slightly different journey by the time they finish their school education, but our ultimate destinations for all are the same: that they will work hard to fulfil their true potential and add value to their lives.