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Meet with our Admissions counsellors

Our admissions counsellors will discuss all the available options, get to know the students’ interests and goals and advise on the best schools for the student

Helping choose the right school
At Gateway Education we work with the best and strongest global network of admissions counsellors. Our local agents are able to advise on the entire process from which schools to select, through the application process, to acceptance of offers.

By providing advice and offering a range of services, our global agents can assist from day one, ensuring students and their families are making the right choices to guide the student to success. Our Admissions Coordinators in each office will help agents and students navigate the complex admissions process by addressing any questions, collecting documentation and helping with requirements that may vary for each school that we partner with.


Choose schools

Student will then choose the right schools for them

The path to academic success
We believe that students should take the best path possible and have an incredible learning environment and we work we an extensive network of schools across in the UK.
Each of our schools offer outstanding academic learning along with:

  • Large variety of sports and extracurricular activities
  • Low teacher to student ratios
  • Small class sizes
  • Top-grade teaching facilities
  • College/University counselling

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Gateway Education submits application

Our admissions coordinators will take care of the applications process by liaising with the student and the admissions counselors on all required documents, tests and Skype interviews


Select school

Student now selects the school they wish to attend and offer is accepted


Connect with Guardian

Student and family is then introduced to their dedicated guardian who will be a mentor, guide, companion and friend and will look after the student’s welfare and academic progress during their stay

A Gateway Education Companion
Choosing to study abroad is a very important and life changing decision and here at Gateway Education we understand the anxieties of both the student and parents on making this decision. That is why we provide a full guardianship service, meaning that each student is appointed with a dedicated Guardian.
Our guardianship provides peace of mind for both students and parents and as a company accredited by AEGIS (Association for the Education, our processes and services are inspected and verified so that parents and students can be sure that we act in the best interests of each child.
Our role is to provide multi-layered support for all students as they embark on an exciting educational, cultural and life journey.
The Gateway Education Guardianship Service Promise covers every aspect of the students’ welfare and includes but is not limited to:

  • Assistance with travel arrangements
    • Regular communication with parents
    • Representing the students’ academic interests
    • Attending parents’ evenings
    • 24/7 emergency response

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Placement within a host family will be undertaken. Our accommodation officers conduct home visits, security checks to ensure that each host family meets the criteria to join Gateway Education.

Traditionally, international students would stay on-campus at the school which can be lonely and challenging.

We provide something special… and that is the chance to fully immerse oneself in the chosen country’s culture and stay with a host family.
Having their own room, place to study and being part of the host family creates a much more engaging and enjoyable experience and provides a fully rounded environment for students. Our accommodation officers conduct in-person interviews, home inspections and initiate background checks for safety. They become very familiar with each of our host families and because of this special relationship, they are able to match the student to the host family and provide support to both the host family and student at all times.

We do local parenting for you

We are the liaison between parents, school and host family

We are always there for our students

For more information on host families – click here.