Meet the Team

Henry Qu

Chief Executive Officer

Henry stands as a seasoned entrepreneurial CEO, showcasing a distinguished background in the education management industry. Possessing robust business development expertise, he holds a Master’s degree specializing in Accounting and Finance – a testament to his strategic prowess that aligns investment objectives.

Ryan Henderson

Chief Operating Officer

Meet Ryan Henderson, our Chief Operating Officer, an award-winning leader in the international education sector.

With a pragmatic and humble approach, Ryan excels in developing and fortifying management teams, contributing to the efficient operation of our dynamic organization. His effective communication skills extend across borders, fostering sustainable relationships with international customers, institutes, and stakeholders. 

Ryan has played significant roles in the success of the organizations he has led, demonstrating consistent commitment to steady progress. Adept at navigating the ever shifting sands of the global education landscape, Ryan Henderson, as our COO, leads Gateway towards meaningful contributions in the field, ensuring we continue to deliver a positive impact in the vital sector of international education.