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Gateway’s mission is to empower globally mobile students to achieve exceptional education milestones by providing high-quality, flexible, learning experiences that instill connectedness, individual responsibility and a desire for high achievement.

We provide international students with life-changing experiences in academics, connecting and assimilating in a new country, all while growing individually into their own responsibility with the protection offered by a world-class organisation.

Gateway opens up the United Kingdom for students from around the world, making it possible for them to study and live abroad in a supported and connected environment, producing the best outcomes and highest achievements including acceptance at top-tier universities.

At Gateway, our students are exceptional and they are on an exceptional journey.

Study and learn at the best academic institutions

Examine a new culture

Meet new people

Become connected to the global world

Progress to a top-tier university

Gateway is the full-service educational management company that guides international students along this path to success. We offer friendly and secure homestays with hands-on logistical support. Our guardianship programme ensures student welfare; safety is always top priority.