King’s Ely

King's Ely

King’s Ely is one of the oldest schools in the UK and has a history of more than a thousand years. The school was first established in 970 AD and was rebuilt by King Henry VIII in 1541. The school is conveniently located 15 minutes by train from Cambridge city centre. Graduated students continue their studies at top UK universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

The school aims at encouraging and inspiring students’ potential for teaching purposes. It provides a complete range of courses to enable students to master all skills so as to better meet the needs of the modern society. The school attaches great importance to students’ ability to think independently and to cultivate their sense of social responsibility. The school practice small class teaching, the teacher can better grasp the specific circumstances of each student, give the most needed help, and the teacher will give students timely feedback to parents, so that students receive a more comprehensive attention.

The school has a wealth of teaching experience for international students and an international study center to help overseas students enter the school. The purpose of the centre is to help students improve their English in the short term to adapt to a comprehensive English language education