Katie Cross

I joined Gateway in 2010 and during my eight-year tenure I have successfully delivered and managed aspects of the business relating to providing top quality homestay for students from recruitment through to placement, developing summer & winter programs and the implementation of business best practices. I am passionate about helping young people learn and develop and will continue our focus on providing a first-class customer experience.   I have an interest in the finer things in life, including shopping and travel and would call herself a family person at heart.

Michelle Codd

I recently joined Gateway having worked within School Admissions for the Independent Schools sector for the past 15 years. I have also previously worked for a local college and the National Probation Service. One of my biggest achievements was being presented with a Student of the Year award by Bedford College. I considered this to be a great honour because the competition was extremely strong and I completed my qualification, an NVQ Level 5 in Business Administration and Management whilst working full time and managing a large busy family. A self-confessed “chocoholic” and I pride myself on being able to identify any chocolate in a box without having to look at the menu. I also have a keen interest in Dance, Drama and Music and have performed in local amateur dramatic productions and dance shows.

Bailey Liang

I have been in the UK for 5 years and I was an international student first attending Northampton High School and then continuing my Post Graduate studies in International Banking & Finance from Southampton University. I really enjoy working at Gateway because my colleagues are great. They are the most caring, enthusiastic and positive people I have ever met. I am really grateful to meet and work with every single one of them.

Jennifer Lu

I came to the UK roughly 8 years ago as an international student myself and I spent a couple of years at the University of Sheffield to complete both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, where I majored in Law. I have also completed the legal practice course, which has definitely benefitted me a great deal as I have learnt different skills and the ability to solve problems and work within a team – skills much needed at Gateway! Working at Gateway I always feel the support of my colleagues and I have the chance to travel to different places and meet different people. I can also share my experience with the students and help support them during their time in the UK.

Yuki Liu

I graduated from business management at Northampton University. I have taught in Beijing education organization as a national lecturer responsible for teacher training. So far, I think what I have gained most is the experience that has made me develop, because I have done different jobs, I have learned a lot, gained a lot and made many friends. I have studied First Aid in my spare time and am a certified First Aider. I just hope that what I have learned will one day help people around me. Joining Gateway is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. This is a team full of youthful energy and enthusiasm. I like the working environment and in my years at Gateway I have not only improved my business knowledge, but also made many friends. I think it is beneficial to my future development. Because you can learn more from others, enrich yourself and become the best you can be.