Success Story

Jiahao (Lewis) Long

"We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-descipline, and effort."
— Jesse Owens

Like the world-famous track and field athlete Jesse Owens, Jiahao (Lewis) Long just graduated from Portland Christian Highschool due to determination, dedication, self-discipline and incredible effort.

Rather than take the easy route, Lewis made his family, school and community proud by overcoming obstacles, achieving his personal best and developing outstanding relationships in America. Lewis will be attending topranked University of California, Santa Cruz in Fall 2019.

Things started out rough for Lewis when he first started High School at Portland Christian High School, nearly 3 years ago. He was anxious and unsettled in his new surroundings in a new country. He also faced two large challenges – his host brother was very difficult to live with and his academic challenges were extremely challenging. Having scored extremely high in English, Lewis was placed in Advanced ESL, giving him the highest levels of literature analysis and essay writing.

But Lewis rose to these challenges and overcame them. Working with his Gateway Guardianship team, Lewis found his current Homestay Host Family – who also hosted a Japanese student at the same high school. Lewis found friendship and extra curricular activities at the school he thrived in including varsity Track & Field team and the Ski Club.

His academics soared as he persevered with his studies. He received a straight A average and was inducted into the National Honor. In addition, he earned the Scholars Diploma, a special achievement of distinction.

Lewis, center. Also photographed, on the far left, the Japanese student who also lived with the Zielke family for this past school year, the host sister, the host dad, the host brother, the host mom, and on the right, Lewis' cousin who came for his graduation.

Lewis joined our family and really fit in well with his laid-back style. He easily got along with all the members of our family.

We were so happy to have him travel with us from Portland to a family trip to Disneyland. We are very proud of his achievements and success!

— Zielke Family.

Portland Christian High School was a great fit for Lewis With a rigorous college prep program, the school prepares students for what lies ahead. The orderly and safe environment a PCHS is ideal for optimal student learning. They have activities from arts to athletics, to clubs to service opportunities - and more. PCHS has been growing leaders in mind and spirit since 1947 with the highest-quality Christian education possible.