Rochester College

Rochester Independent College

Boarding School

Kent, UK

Rochester College

Type of School: Private Co-educational Day and Boarding School

Available Courses: 1 year GCSE/Pre-A Level/1 year A Level/18 month A Level/A Level

Admission Age: 15-21

Number of Students: 320

Accommodation: Boarding

Year Established: 1984


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Established in 1984, Rochester Independent College is a high-quality British private boarding school and also rated as a Duke of England education school. The school is located in Kent, south east of London, and has a strong academic atmosphere. It is close to the University of Greenwich, the University of Kent and the British Creative Arts University.

The school encourages students to think independently and pay attention to the learning results as well as cultivate students’ creativity and self-confidence. The school’s teaching quality is excellent. There are many outstanding graduates admitted by world-class universities such as Imperial College, Edinburgh and Leeds. Most graduates enter the Russell Group of Universities.

Key Facts:

  • The teaching quality is excellent. It has been rated as a “key model school” by the UK Ministry of Education.
  • Each student is equipped with a private tutor who can provide one-on-one coaching. The tutor will also give feedback to the parents of the students.
  • The school is located in downtown Rochester and has a strong literary atmosphere. Charles Dickens, a famous British writer, enjoyed his late years in the city of Rochester and created his famous work “Cathedral and Castle”. Therefore, the Dickens Festival will be held in the city centre each year. Students will also be able to better understand British literature and expand their horizons.
  • The College hosts regular performances from the European Theatre Arts Company