Reddam House Berkshire

Boarding School

Berkshire, UK

Type of School: Private Co-education Day and Boarding School

Available Courses: Years 8-9/Pre-GCSE/GCSE/Pre-A Level/A Level

Size of School: 125 acres

Admission Age: 12-17

Number of Students: 560

Accommodation: Boarding

Year Established: 2015


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Reddam House Berkshire is the flagship UK school of the successful Inspired International group. Set in 125 acres of wood and parkland, housed in a magnificent mansion building we offer an unparalleled opportunity for your child to experience a fresh approach to education. We offer a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula, and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model.

Throughout the school our emphasis is on independence; we expect our students to work hard in the belief that success is in his or her own hands.

Academic success is just one area our students thrive, we offer your child abundant opportunities to take part in a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities and rather than trying to ‘find’ their talents and interests, our students are encouraged to ‘create’ themselves and develop new competencies preparing for a world that requires courage, resilience and flexibility.

But most of all, your child’s time at school should be happy. We believe that our vibrant learning environment comes from complementing the academic and co-curricular strengths with the three ‘Rs’ of pastoral care: relationships, respect and responsibility. We are proud to be a school where each student is valued as a unique individual and receive carefully considered nurture, support and advice at each stage of their school career.

Key Facts:

  • School is conveniently located to London (45 mins away), Windsor castle is 20 mins away, 40 mins from Oxford, 35 mins from London Heathrow and 50 mins from Gatwick.
  • The school takes student safety very seriously. The campus has a full range of surveillance video coverage, including student apartments, no unauthorized access to campus and student apartments, and student apartments are only open to boarding students.
  • The school’s magnificent main building is the scene of the famous British detective series ‘Midsomer Murders’.
  • The school offers fee-paying EAL courses, IELTS preparation training, LAMDA (London School of Music and Drama Arts) for language and speech courses and exams.
  • The school also offers an extended range of performance Program art courses for GCSE and A level students, including 1:1 of music tutorials, theatrical studies, art and design and dance courses