Northampton High School

Northampton High School

Day School

Northampton, UK

Type of School: Private Girls Day school

Available Courses: A Level

Admission Age: 16-17

Number of Students: 600

Accommodation: Homestay

Year Established: 1878


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A proud member of the Girls Day School Trust, Northampton High School has an excellent reputation for the academic achievements of its pupils and the outstanding facilities it provides for every young girl to develop, be that in art, drama, music, science and technology, as well as a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports.

Within a strong framework of both academic and pastoral guidance, girls are encouraged to be independent and think for themselves, pursue their passions and develop new ones. Excellence underpins every aspect of school life, not least in the teaching provision and the school’s outstanding facilities.

Key Facts:

  • Ranked in the top 200 independent schools in the UK
  • The school is a 100 year old girls school. The school has a royal background, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom cut ribbons for the school’s main teaching building. Many celebrities choose to let their children study here.
  • Notable Alumni: Anne Fine – Author of Madame Doubtfire which was made into the film Mrs. Doubtfire, Eliza Manningham-Butler, Baroness Manningham-Butler – Former Director General of MI5