Croydon High School UK

Croydon High School

Day School

Croydon, UK

Croydon High School UK

Type of School: Private Girls Day School

Available Courses: Year 12

Size of School: 20 acres

Admission Age: 16-17

Number of Students: 600

Accommodation: Homestay

Year Established: 1874


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Building on the strong foundation of the schools’ history, the girls embrace challenge and opportunity and their remarkable talents and aspirations inspire the whole community, making Croydon High School a truly exceptional place to work and learn.

The combination of impressive facilities, stunning and extensive grounds and a passionate and dedicated teaching staff, supported by a strong leadership team, guarantees the girls’ success and enjoyment in their endeavours. Every girl is understood for the person she is and will become. She is supported through her challenges, and her accomplishments are celebrated.

Key Facts:

  • Member of the Girls Day School Trust
  • Founded by Dorinda Neligan, one of the original suffragettes and protested with Emmeline Pankhurst