What is the role of my child’s Guardian?

The role of the Student Liaison Officer or Guardian is to act in loco parentis. This means that they look after your child during their entire stay and provide academic, logistical and welfare support

Does Gateway screen Host families?

Yes, all hosts must go through a detailed application process and screening

Will I get my child’s academic reports?

Yes, the Student Liaison Officer (Guardian) will make sure these are sent to you regularly

What will my child be fed?

Your child will be provided with a balanced diet typical to the area that they have chosen to stay

Can my child come home during vacation?

Yes, your child can come home during any vacation. They would only need permission from the school if they wanted to take time off during term

Can I visit child during the school year?

You can visit your child whenever you wish provided they are not taken out of school

Is the host family a British/American family?

Yes, all our hosts are British or American, depending on the country but they may be from other ethnic backgrounds

Is my child’s Guardian going to pick them up at the airport?

No, the they will arrange the transport either with the school or a licenced taxi company

Can we contact the Guardian at all times?

We advise our parents and students to contact their Guardian during working hours, which is between 9:30am and 5:30pm GMT. However, during the off-houses, the Guardians will try their best to respond as soon as they are available. In emergency situations, we operate a 24 hour emergency telephone number